First Class Pre-school Nursery Education in Dorchester

Dorchester Community Nursery School aims:

  • To provide a link between the home and the outside world where pre-school children can find a stimulating, satisfying and safe environment in which they can create, explore and play out their natural curiosity and energies.
  • To provide companionship and a happy experience outside the home, where pre-school children can learn to accept and relate to other adults and a group of children.
  • To have familiar friendly adults present to guide, talk with, assist and care for their emotional needs.
  • To provide a consistent regular routine where pre-school children feel safe and are free to select without undue interference and where they can gain confidence.
  • To help pre-school children gain a personal independence in social behaviour as well as developing their awareness of the world around them.
  • To provide good equipment which is selected for its safety, educational value and appeal to pre-school children, both inside and outside the Nursery building.