Parents at our Dorchester Nursery

  • The involvement of the parents of our nursery children lies at the heart of Dorchester Community Nursery School’s success over the years. Many of our former children have now become parents themselves. Not only do they provide us with our latest little clients, but they also continue to help us to manage the Nursery and provide the educational facilities and toys that the children enjoy so much each day.
  • Parents are represented on the Nursery Management Committee and provide important voluntary support for the various management and maintenance activities that are needed during the year.
  • The involvement of parents just after children start nursery can be particularly important as some children take a little time to settle in and may need their parents to stay for a while.
  • Parents also perform a vital role in the area of fund-raising. Each year the parents and children enjoy events at Christmas, Easter and in the summer which are arranged and coordinated by the fundraising group within the Nursery Management Committee with the help of other willing volunteers.
  • A Parents’ Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and other information guides for parents can be found on our Parent Guides web page here.