Early Years Curriculum at Our Nursery

  • Dorchester Community Nursery School offers a large range of stimulating activities and experiences to cater for your child’s emotional, physical and social development, both individually and within groups.
  • At the Nursery, we believe in learning through purposeful play. We base our planning on the Government initiative, the “Early Years Foundation Stage”.
  • Your child will enjoy regular craft activities, using paint, glue, scissors, etc., and a wide range of materials such as paper, card, fabric, wood, clay and playdough.
  • The Nursery has a good selection of construction toys and puzzles and the music and book corners are ready to be enjoyed at any time.
  • Scope for imaginative play comes in the home/dressing up corner, the shop and the hospital, which on another day may be a police station or post office! Our sand and water play are always popular activities.
  • All children have regular opportunities to use I Pads, a digital camera, metal detectors, walkie talkies, sound buttons etc
  • Older children also do a range of pre-school activities in a quieter situation, providing experiences of early writing, reading and maths skills.
  • The Nursery has a large safe enclosed garden with tricycles, other ride on toys, wendy house, slide and climbing activities, adventure sand pit, willow tunnel and vegetable garden.