Each role on the DCNS Committee has different features and responsibilities. Here is an outline to enable you to understand the roles further.


  • Chair the committee meetings and manage a fair and democratic process. Appropriately manage the committee, DCNS Head and staff team using the support and expertise of the committee.
  • Meet implement and ensure that all legal and statutory requirements are met.
  • Maintain confidentiality and ensure that confidentiality is adhered to across the committee and staff team.
  • Be confident to act as a signatory on legal and financial records.
  • Manage meetings, agendas and actions ensuring actions are completed.
  • Take part in the pre-school agenda and try to gain an understanding of the national childcare agenda and what is expected of pre-school provision.
  • Ensure the inventory, insurance policies and health and safety policies are up to date and accurate.
  • Ensure positive communication between committee, staff and parents. Identifying any training or positive development needs.
  • Hold the casting vote.

Vice Chair

  • To deputise, when needed, for the Chairperson at committee meetings and other meetings.
  • To support the Chair and Committee in all its activities lending a hand where necessary.


  • Prepare and report on financial statements for meetings.
  • Budgets – current and future planning (prepared in partnership with the DCNS Bursar).
  • Take responsibility for ensuring the Annual Audit takes place.
  • Liaise with the Bursar to check financial records, financial controls and procedures, ensuring bills and staff wages are paid.
  • Work with the Chair and the Committee on grant funding applications.


  • Support the committee with administration duties. This includes taking and distributing minutes during the 3 Committee Meetings and AGM each year.
  • Co-ordinate meetings by e-mailing all Committee members before each meeting, and sending the agenda and minutes from the last meeting.
  • Act as contact for the Charity Commission, updating the list of Committee members as necessary and submitting the nursery’s accounts annually using their online system.
  • Write letters and correspondence, where necessary. These are usually to thank individuals or businesses especially after a fund raising event.
  • The fundraising and refurbishment committees are separate with their own Hon. Sec so it is not essential to attend these meetings, but doing so gives a greater understanding of everything that is happening at the nursery.

Parent Member

  • Actively participate in meetings ensuring that there is a fair and transparent decision making process. This means you have the responsibility of voting on certain issues and supporting the school in its future plans.
  • You must at all times adhere to the confidentiality policy of the school as you will be privy to information which could be delicate.
  • Oversee the finances and decision making on budgets, contributing to the business plan for future years. Also develop and review the policies and procedures of the school.
  • Taking part in fundraising activities in as much or as little involvement as you wish.