Here are a few easy ways you can help us fund-raise:

  • Printer Cartridges and Mobile Phones. Please bring us your used printer cartridges and old mobile phones. You’d be surprised just how much this simple step can raise for the Nursery, and by recycling it’s better for the environment too!
  • Newspapers and Clothes Recycling. Please bring us your old newspapers and magazines and unwanted clothes. We can turn all these items into cash by recycling them. We get paid for every tonne / kilogramme that we can collect and recycle.
  • Online shopping via “Easy Fundraising”. Please support Dorchester Community Nursery School by buying from your favourite retailers on-line via
    The site provides links to hundreds of major leading retailers, who then give our pre-school commission on your purchases at no additional cost to you! Why not set it as your ‘home page’, or add it to your ‘favourites’.
  • If you are buying name tags for clothing and equipment use our school ID: 2598 and visit